A Small Private Wedding in the POCONOS

If a small private wedding is what you want, everyone close to you has to understand your needs and desires. Without hurting their feelings, there are a few ways to have everyone meet in the middle (depending on what type of family you have).

Have a small private affair to remember! Wedding time is normally considered a time of grand celebration, expenses and people. It is undeniably a couple’s personal decision either to have a grand celebration or a simple private affair with family and close friends. Your bonding, rituals and feelings are going to be the same with or without countless people. It is certainly a very wise decision to have a small scale wedding and not many would dare to think on this line. Here are few ideas to rally round while you arrange a small private wedding.  

Step 1: Tell your family and friends you want a small, private wedding and you won't change your mind.

It's your wedding and your decision. Stand politely firm in your decision to have a small private wedding and make it clear that you will not change your plans no matter how much pressure others put on you. Some massage therapists place stones on points that are thought to be energy centers of the body to rebalance the body and mind.

Step 2: Allow family members and friends to suggest a guest list and assure them that those who do not receive an invitation to the wedding will be invited to an informal reception at a later date

When writing the guest list, use lined paper to write numbers on so you'll know how many guests to invite. Show the guest list to your family and friends, and if they ask you why you didn't invite someone, don't get angry. Tell them you either forgot or you don't like them and don't want them at your wedding.

Step 3: Set an amount you are willing to spend on your wedding and reception.

Create a budget that will keep you within your means. Download free wedding planning guides to see what expenses you must incur and what you can omit or reduce. Be realistic; even a low cost wedding demands a reasonable amount of funds.

Step 4: Choose a wedding location appropriate for smaller gatherings.

In addition to local inns, private gardens, and public parks, consider any nearby wedding chapels, wineries with landscaped grounds, or apartment complex clubhouses. There are many unusual spots not traditionally chosen for weddings and receptions. If you want to marry in a church or synagogue, use the small chapel room instead of the large sanctuary.

Step 5: Design your menu to follow your guests' preferences.

Large crowds require a menu designed to please most tastes, but when your guests are a small number of well-known family and friends, you can capitalize on this opportunity to serve a menu of their collective favorites.

Step 6: Let all your family and friends say a few words and express their feelings at the event.

Relax and dispense with formality. Let this be a moment that becomes a lifelong memory of love and acceptance.

Step 7: Set up a video display of past highlights with family and friends.

Show past family events and achievements that bind you together.

Step 8: Involve each family member in the wedding dances and enjoy and live through each second.

If you come from a large family, you may NOT be able to have a small, private wedding!

Poconos Weddings Spaecial Packages

Poconos Weddings Spaecial Packages

The Pocono Mountains provide numerous activities as well as beautiful scenery that over 200,000 honeymooners enjoy each year. Get Married in the Poconos. Elopement packages from about $1890 with complete wedding and overnight stay.

Tips for a Weddings in The Poconos Mountains

Tips for a Wedding in The Poconos Mountains

A Poconos Wedding requires a bit of planning, for this reason we want to make easy for you.