Poconos Seasonal Spa Massage Specials

Pocono Mountain spa massage packages and Seasonal specials package, designed to complement each unique time of year.

SPA Massage Specical Packages at Mountain SPA Resort

Relaxing Foot SPA Massage

This healing foot therapy is highly recommended for those with tired legs and feet, the massage aids in alleviating stress and boosting body circulation, ailments in the form of fatigue, low-energy levels, aches and pains can be relieved with this pressure point foot massage.

60mins/90mins - $49/$69

Swedish Deep Tissue SPA Massage

A medium to strong massage, where the therapist applies thumb and palm pressure and firm strokes, complemented with a unique blend of essential oils with warming qualities, The massage stimulates blood circulation, improve energy flow and relives tension.

60mins/90mins/120mins - $69/$99/$129

Hot Stone SPA Therapy

Heated Jade stones radiate heat deep into your muscles to alleviate tension and increase circulation, leaving you feeling energised and revitalised..

60mins/90mins/120mins - $79/$109/$139

Thai Herbal Heat Therapy

This unique combination of heat, herbs, aromatic scent, and massage help to reduce muscles tension, increases blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and ease a restless mind An incredible treatment that uses many Thai herbs, plai, ginger,lemonglass, turmeric and cumin, all wrapped in an soothing warm cotton, steamed and applied with specific massage technique, the essential oils from the herbs are transferred to your skin, leaving you feel relax and rejuvenate..  

60mins/90mins/120mins - $79/$109/$139

Couples SPA Massages

A Couple’s Massage can set the tone for a romantic spa-going experience for two because it’s designed to be shared with a significant other, or guests can simply enjoy some bonding time with a best friend while indulging in side-by-side services.

60mins/90mins/120mins - $149/$199/$259

Poconos Day SPA Massages

Spend the day at the Naomi Village Mountain Spa – whether a half day or a full day, create your very own mini-escape to the mountainhome of Pocono Mountain.

60mins/90mins/120mins - $149/$199/$259